My life….

I grew up in a small town out in the country next to a dairy farm most of my life. I had horses, rode four wheelers and loved the out doors.  I was lucky enough to have both of my parents growing up.  I have 4 sisters and no brothers.  I was the baby of all the girls.  My 3 oldest sisters were 8-10 years older than me, so most of the time they were more like mothers. My sister closest to my age was 18 months older.  It was almost like having a twin, we were inseparable.

In middle school, I started gaining weight.  I can remember my mom talking to me about my weight, trying diets like Weight Watchers.  I never really stuck to any diet and continued to gain weight through all my years in school.  I can remember being teased in my early ages but I learned to deal with it.  It never really seamed to affect me.

In high school around my junior year, I remember being asked by my school counselor, “What do you want to do when you grow up.” I had two ideas, being an EMT or being a Cosmetologist.  I thought those are two very different careers, I had better make sure which one I like more. I asked my counselor to set up a ride along with some local EMTs.

I ended up going to a local fire station and went on a ride along.  It was quite the experience. On the first call I went on, a guy had been driving and had a heart attack.  When we got to the call all the firefighters jumped out of the fire truck and went to his side. I quietly sat back and observed.  They had to stick a tube down his throat.  His airway was being blocked by Tobacco Chew that he had in his lip when he had the heart attack and crashed. That is when I realized this job is not for me.

On to the 2nd choice! I decided to apply for the Skills Center. At my high school they offered a program for Seniors to go to High School half of the day and to the Beauty School School the 2nd half and earn Beauty School hours. That is where I decided to become a hairstylist.  I now have been doing hair for 19 years.

I’m 37 years old and have 2 boys ages 11 and 9.


I found out when I was 26 and pregnant with my first child that I have a hereditary Kidney Disease called Poly-cystic Kidney Disease also known as PKD.  It was passed down from my mother. I now am on peritoneal dialysis and hopefully one day I will receive a kidney transplant. It has been really hard adjusting to this new lifestyle but thankfully I have my boys father as my best friend and we have also learned to co-parent so we can both be there for the boys. They all are always there to help me when I’m not feeling good.

I have decided that being here for my kids is the most important thing in my life.  I now have started my weight loss journey and hope to loose enough weight to get a transplant.  I always tell people I could teach a class or write a book on health and wellness so I have decided to take some of my own advise and make things happen! The things I love most in life is my family, friends, the beauty industry and becoming healthy and happy!

I started this blog to share my journey of weight loss, share my tips and tricks about hair and makeup and to hopefully help others in the process.